More Programming Edits

December 21st, 2010

As it turns out, the Medicine Dispenser program wasn’t as complete as we thought. We did some more tweaking yesterday (12/19/10), mainly based on having our robot follow the line to the pressure tester more closely.


Medicine Dispenser Program

December 19th, 2010

Yesterday (12/18/10), we worked on improving our Medicine Dispenser program. Our biggest change was to have the robot turn differently so that its back wheel would not bump against the side of the goal. Luckily, the program works fine now, so we should be editing our presentation soon.



December 13th, 2010

Hello, and welcome to the official blog of First Lego League team High Gear! This site is where we will post updates on our progress inĀ  the Robot Game and Research Project.

We recently competed in a Delaware qualifying round. Including us, thirty teams participated. We were one of the seven teams to move on, placing third in the Robot Game scoring. Since we already have all our programs just about finished, we will most likely be focusing on our Research Project.

Feel free to browse our site and see what we’re up to!